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On Evil Grounds and Eve of Understanding successes

EveofUnderstanding.jpgTwo independent films that I've reviewed and talked about here at Filmstalker have been enjoying quite a bit of success, and both come out with huge news this week.

Eve of Understanding has a distribution deal, a huge moment for the film, while Auf Bösem Boden (On Evil Grounds) has picked up some awards at the Rojo Sangre International Festival of Horror and Fantasy Film.

The Director of Auf Bösem Boden (On Evil Grounds) just emailed me to tell me that the film has won Best Film and Best Director at the Rojo Sangre International Festival of Horror and Fantasy Film in Buenos Aires. What's more is they received special mentions for Best Editing and for the leads Birgit Stauber and Aleksandar Petrovic. So well done to Peter Koller and the team, and you can read the Filmstalker review right here.

Now for Eve of Understanding, a film that I was surprised at just how good it was, how well written the characters were, and how strong the female lead was. It seemed far from the small budget film it was. You can read the Filmstalker review right here. The film has received a lot of awards and mentions at festivals around the world, and on Tuesday Jen wrote on the film production blog that they had a distribution deal signed.

Their blog is an interesting read, because they are pretty open and honest about the work they do and how they get things done, here's an extract from the Tuesday entry:

"I'm looking forward to seeing if they decide to use our poster or if they'll design something new - could be fun to see them interpret the movie through all our images (or it could be weird). I'm pleased that we were able to negotiate a few changes to the contract - nothing that will probably make us see more money (and by more I mean, hypothetically more - we did not receive an advance). But the principle of the changes made me feel good about the contract and about the company. And it made me feel satisfied that I didn't just accept the first offer -despite these being uncharted waters for me, I negotiated a little."

Pretty honest stuff there, and it does make you feel as though you are involved in their journey. They do have a great blog, well worth reading. So congratulations to the team there at Open Plan Films, Eve of Understanding really does deserve it.



Thanks for supporting the film, as always!


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