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Pinewood Studios suffers from writer's strike

The victims of the writer's strike aren't just the writers nor the films that they aren't writing just now, there are other victims reaching across distances and even time itself...(is that a line from Rocky Horror?).

The UK based studio Pinewood Shepperton have just been hit by a GB £3 million (US $6.2 million) shortfall in their potential earnings for next year as a major production pulls out.

The production had already set up offices at Pinewood Shepperton and were planning filming there next year, although the story from Pinewood through Variety doesn't actually say what the production is, conjecture points to Angels & Demons, the Ron Howard adaptation of the Dan Brown novel, the prequel to The Da Vinci Code (Filmstalker review) which also filmed in Pinewood.

This is bad news for Pinewood as they'll struggle to fill the production gap left by the film, mainly because of the strike, and if the actors then decide to strike too they could be hurt even harder.

It certainly shows that it's not just Hollywood being affected, and not just people who work in the U.S. I read elsewhere, and apologies for not remembering where, that if Hollywood sneezes the rest of the industry catches a cold. Nowhere is this more true than this week with Pinewood.

For any other productions who are filming next year and could fill the gap, head over to their site and get in contact! As Ridley Scott said about them:

"Pinewood Shepperton form one of the greatest resources in the world"



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