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Pinkville gets struck by writers

OliverStone.jpgOliver Stone's return to Vietnam is the latest big budget film to be hit by the Writer's strike as United Artists have announced that they've stopped the film which was to begin production in December.

Once again the reason given was the inability to refine the script and so the cast and crew who were planning to leave for Thailand are going to be staying at home.

The United Artists official reason given through Variety is that neither Oliver Stone nor Mikko Alanne, the screenwriter on the project, could work on the script anymore as they are both members of the WGA.

The question is raised as to whether Pinkville will actually be made. There's the might of Oliver Stone behind it of course, and the big name cast, but restarting a film that has been postponed can often be difficult, especially if the strike continues for some time.

Still, I don't think that Stone will lose momentum on this one and as soon as the strike is over I suspect he'll be pushing himself back into this one.



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