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Portman produces, directing old news

NataliePortman.jpgBack in February (yes everyone, February) I wrote about Natalie Portman directing a film version of the book A Tale of Love and Darkness by Israeli writer Amos Oz.

Now the news is that she's signed a deal to start producing films with her new company Handsomecharlie Films. The directorial deal was signed before and is not part of this new production deal.

So really the new story here is the signing of the production deal. Natalie Portman reveals that she's keen on producing worthwhile projects and the article in Variety has her saying that she was inspired by films such as Syriana, Good Night and Good Luck and An Inconvenient Truth, films which were produced at Participant Productions who have signed the deal with her.

From her comments it sounds like she's keen to take her production work in that direction too, perhaps becoming a young George Clooney - make a few studio films to raise money for her productions.

"We all have the same desire to make meaningful and artistically fulfilling films and are committed to the idea of stories leading to greater empathy and action for world issues"

Good luck to her. I really do respect the artists who do this kind of thing, doing the studio films in order to raise awareness and money for the smaller projects. I know they aren't all golden and wonderful, but they are using some of their power and wealth for good causes and good films, it's not all Hollywood studio pulp.



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