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Prince of Persia from Bay to Newell?

PrinceofPersia.jpgPrince of Persia was previously rumoured to be directed by Michael Bay, well that was the word anyway.

Seems it might not have been as concrete as was first thought, and the directorial duties on the videogame adaptation could be up for grabs.

News has come through from Variety through Coming Soon that Mike Newell has been approached by the producer of the film Jerry Bruckheimer, and has even been made an offer.

How they know he's been made an offer isn't clear, but they do say that he met with executives from the studio the other day and negotiations are expected to start soon.

I'm not sure which would be better. A big budget action film version of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time full of style from Michael Bay, or something a bit more considered and clever from Mike Newell. Which would you prefer?

You know, I'm actually thinking that this videogame would benefit from the Bay style...but it would need a serious injection of strong storyline and editing to compensate.



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