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Punisher to direct 3-D film

ThomasJane.jpgThomas Jane, the man who was The Punisher, is set to start directing. His first feature is going to be The Dark Country.

The film is set to be shot in High Definition 3-D and 2-D and is a noir thriller. That sounds a bit strange doesn't it?

What's more is that there's already some cast signed up according to Variety, Ron Perlman and Lauren German are already on board The Dark Country which will tell the story of a couple who's honeymoon turns into a nightmare, although we don't really know why just yet. IMDB also have Chris Browning and Jane himself on the cast.

It sounds like Thomas Jane is certainly moving forward in his career, and you can perhaps see now why he didn't want to take on The Punisher 2 when his career is on the up. However I'm not so sure about this big 3-D revival, I still don't get it.

For me 3-D ranks along with motion capture, it's a nice gimmick but I can't see the real need for it, and it detracts from the actual film. What does it actually add?



I don't know Rich, have you seen some of the amazing 3-D they do now?

Everything should be in 3-D if they can make it that clean and detailed all the time.

What like the amazing motion capture that they do now?

Bells and whistles. I much prefer a strong story that's directed well.


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