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Rec clips online

Rec.jpgThere are two clips online for the Spanish horror film [Rec] or Rec, obviously for the record button on video recorders, and while one offers a jump moment, the other gives the feel of the panic and tension that the film will convey.

Rec is already planned as a Hollywood remake called Quarantine, and tells the story of a television reporter and her cameraman who head to a small fire in the centre of town. As they start filming the firemen who are trying to rescue an elderly woman from the blaze, screams fill the air and the camera turns on something that no one expected to film.

[Rec] sounds like a great film, and I'm really excited about seeing it, but I have to say that the clips do absolutely nothing for it.

Watching them I felt that the cameraman was being too detached, shouting at the woman to look here and look there, and you can't help but think that if the situation were real that they would also help look for whatever she's searching for rather than shout, direct and not really engage. It's as though he's not scared.

Of course he's a cameraman and would keep filming, but that just seemed a bit laboured, as did the set-up for the text book scare moment in the first clip.

I'll take Twitch's word for it though, they found the Brightcove clips and say that the film is the best horror of 2007, and that these clips are not the scariest moments. So we'll have to wait and see for sure.

Here they are, see what you think. Oh and apparently (I don't speak Spanish well enough) there are some spoilers in this first clip:



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