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Return to Castle Wolfenstein halted

ReturntoCastleWolfenstein.jpgRoger Avary, the writer of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein videogame adaptation has revealed that the project is on hold due to the writer's strike.

The film is based on the popular videogame which saw Nazi's getting involved in the supernatural and becoming crazed Nazi monsters which you had to destroy. Avary seems very keen about it.

Roger Avary has been talking about the adaptation to Sci Fi Wire and has revealed that he's almost finished the script and is very proud of it. Now that's something to raise your hopes since he wrote the Silent Hill script, a film which I believe captured the videogame really well.

Avary said that everything would be decided after the strike was over, which might be some time, but he did give us some exciting words on what to expect:

“...a World War II old movie of guys who are out on a mission, but this one will have the addition of monsters and horror and a lot of craziness all mixed together.”

What I do like is that he says they will start the film when the time is right, that means they won't rush it through, well not that it could be rushed through at the moment, but it's good news for the future.

I'm interested to see how he turns a story out of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, especially since the story says that he's concentrated on the Commodore 64 version and not the most recent 3D PC outing of the game which carries much more story.



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