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Rise: Blood Hunter sequel plot revealed

Rise_Pic.jpgIt's already been mentioned that there was going to be a sequel to Rise: Blood Hunter, the film starring Lucy Liu who is bitten by a vampire and before she totally turns she decides to head out for revenge.

Now Sam Raimi has revealed that there's a second on the go and the plot has been revealed online.

Over at HorrorMovies they've managed to get hold of the plot:

“While searching for the truth about their parents’ disappearance, sexy 23-year-old Lexi Stone and her younger brother are taken captive by the cult of vampires. Lexi awakens to learn that she has become one of them and is now trapped in a strange world of carnal seduction and bloodlust. Lexi must find the strength to overcome temptation and become a hard-boiled warrior to save her brother.”

Sounds, well, pretty uninteresting really, and very much like the first. Oh I'm sure it will end up somewhat different from the original.



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