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Ritchie prepares US for Revolver

GuyRitchie.jpgI can hardly believe it but Guy Ritchie's Revolver is just getting released in America, and he's out trying to defend the film and himself before it's seen.

Revolver was the 2005 film from Guy Ritchie starring Jason Statham, Ray Liotta and André Benjamin about a gambler who beats a feared crime boss in a game who then puts a hit out on him. Before long he's being manipulated from every angle and being taken for everything.

Now before I go any further I do have to say that I find Guy Ritchie highly overrated, and is riding on the reputation of his first two films which were extremely similar in so many ways, and now seem very dated. Thankfully he's looking to other films than British gangster films - let's see how RocknRolla turns out shall we - but I'm still to be convinced. I think Matthew Vaughn has come out the winner in that partnership.

That said, I did see a lot more intelligence in Revolver that wasn't there in his other two gangster films. There was a depth and a great attempt to create something unique. However it didn't do at all well in the box office, and Vaughn's Layer Cake (Filmstalker review) trampled all over it.

So I don't think he deserves all the negative press he gets for that film as it was a really good attempt at something different. However he's obviously preparing for the same type of reception in America, if not worse. According to his comments from WENN through Starpulse News Blog:

"Please don't be angry with me. People often get upset with me after seeing Revolver. I've never felt the vitriol that I have on this movie in anything else I've ever done. People don't understand it, and they think I'm responsible for that. It's not going to make me popular, it's not going to help me make a living, but I found it (film) rewarding."

Well Mr Ritchie, savour this because you may never hear this again (let's hope for RocknRolla, The Gamekeeper and The Dirty Dozen remake) I'm with you. Revolver was incredibly misunderstood, it is by no means perfect, or deserves to be seen as a great film, but it shouldn't be judged with the same eyes as your previous films, and it does not deserve the flack it took.

Now you've done gangster films, please move on.



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