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Ritchie's Revolver trailer for U.S. release

Revolver.jpgJust the other day I was talking about my surprise that Revolver hadn't been released in the U.S. as yet, and that Guy Ritchie was already preparing the media for the negative reviews and press it's likely to see.

Now the trailer has come back to life, no different from the original trailer we saw on the first release, but there it is none the less. Now this isn't the usual Guy Ritchie gangster fare that he's made before, this has something different.

Revolver does have a lot to offer, and it tries to do some very clever things with the story, there are some excellent scenes, unusual shots, and it's not all about the work that Ritchie has already made, so all that is great news. However it doesn't avoid the fact that it doesn't work.

I'm going to dig out my old review for the film and get it online here at Filmstalker, because I think it's a worthy read. Here's what he allegedly said regarding the U.S. release:

"Please don't be angry with me. People often get upset with me after seeing Revolver. I've never felt the vitriol that I have on this movie in anything else I've ever done. People don't understand it, and they think I'm responsible for that. It's not going to make me popular, it's not going to help me make a living, but I found it (film) rewarding."

I remember seeing a lot of promise in the film and thinking that this could be a great direction for Guy Ritchie if he kept going and came out with better scripts, it seems though he's not convinced, especially since it didn't do at all well in the cinema.

Here's the trailer from YouTube through dtheatre. A trailer which I think gives away too much and is quite misleading for the film itself.

Has anyone else seen the film and feels like me? Or do you think it's just a load of rubbish like the critics?



I thought Revolver was a lark. Fun but silly (no different than Lock Stock or Snatch, all relentless entertaining in their loopy energy). Carnahan should actually take lessons from Ritchie because some his his Smokin' Aces failed to have Ritchies goofy lunacy to it and thus SA just sat their like a wet sock. I'll take spitting paranoid Ray Liotta over spitting paranoid Jeremy Piven any day of the week. As an amusing side-note, Liotta takes on Jason Statham again in Uwe Boll's IN THE NAME OF THE KING (A DUNGEON SIEGE TALE), which is sort of the (even more dumbed down and full of itself) fantasy equivalent of Revolver.

I wrote of a full review of Revolver over at Twitch when it got the Gala treatment at 2005's Toronto International Film Festival. I was entertained. I'm rather flabbergasted that this never got a US release, there are certainly a boatload of worse films released every year.


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