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Rock decides on Shazam role

Rock.jpgThe Rock aka Dwayne Johnson, talked a little while ago about what role he would play in the Shazam film and that he was undecided, he said he would let the fans decide which role he should play.

Since then fans have been talking across the Internet about what role he should take up in the Captain Marvel film and he's announced that he is taking their advice.

The Rock is set to play Black Adam, the corrupt former champion who takes on Captain Marvel.

MTV Movies Blog has the news and over there Johnson says:

"I sayeth Black Adam as well...I love that. I love that [fans] were so vocal...I’m meeting with [director] Pete Segal tonight and we’re going to talk about it"

So it isn't exactly a done deal as yet, but he does go onto say that they are working the character in the script around to his style, so it could well be nothing more than a signature.

Still, I just don't get this character and don't see the huge appeal that there could be on screen. Am I missing something?



Rich, I'm such a dork. I can't believe I know this stuff.

Black Adam is certainly the way to go. All the Capt. Marvel comics were ok, it is very Superman-ish, infact they have gone head to head and even possed as each other. Anyway, in the Capt. Marvel stories the bad guys were always cooler then the Capt.

Black Adam is pretty cool, and he can be extremy evil.

You're not a dork for knowing this stuff Brad, just more informed than us.

So, tell me, why should Captain Marvel be made, why should it be the next big superhero story?


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