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Rodriguez for Clash of the Titans?

RobertRodriguez.jpgAccording to rumour, the studio behind the remake of the classic Clash of the Titans film wants Robert Rodriguez to direct it, and that's a worry.

Fear not though, he hasn't signed it yet or perhaps has even been approached, but the question is could he do the film justice, and should Clash of the Titans be remade at all?

Hollywood is going remake mad, and that would be alright if they were targetting films that really need remade, but they aren't. By really remade I mean films that didn't hit the audience they could have, badly made films, great stories hidden under forgotten films, and so on. Not classic films such as Clash of the Titans that are repeated on television and still capture audiences, not films with special effects that are remembered to this day, still look great, and made the name of Ray Harryhausen.

Well it looks like they are going ahead with it, and it's been talked about on and off since the middle of last year, there's a script on the go and it apparently read well, so the question is will it translate to the big screen?

For those of you who don't know, the story is about Greek legends and Perseus' journey to save the Princess Andromeda, during which he must complete various tasks set out by Zeus, including capturing the flying horse Pegasus and slaying Medusa, the one with snakes in her hair that turns people to stone by a single look.

The film is an absolute classic, and in no small part due to the superb stop motion animation of the creatures in it, and the creatures are wonderfully imagined and created on screen. The really do have a life of their own, even though you realise that they are animated and not real, something that you can't always say about modern, often lifeless, CGI.

The rumour of Robert Rodriguez being the studio's choice comes from Latino Review and a pesky scooper, although they do say that they are reliable and have given them some solid information before.

So, Robert Rodriguez to remake the film, perhaps with lashings of CGI and big screen moments. Well I can see the studio's desire to make it big and throw huge CGI teams at it, and I can perhaps see the desire to use a director that's modern and has bags of style, but Robert Rodriguez?

Perhaps the real question is will this film carry the heart and soul that the original had? I think that might be lost amongst all that CGI and style.



it should NOT be remade, but it will be. And since it will inevitably have to be made, i'd want none other than Rodriguez at the helm.

but come on. you can't improve on the source here. impossible

Not even with CGI and a great Director?


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