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Roman Polanski gets biographical film

RomanPolanski.jpgThe life of Roman Polanski is set to make it to the big screen and although it will be an unauthorised biographical film, it will still be a film about his very interesting life.

The film is to be called simply Polanski, and will be written, produced and directed by an independent film maker Damian Chapa.

According to Chapa through Reuters and Yahoo News, the film will look at some of the tougher moments of his life including his childhood during the Holocaust, the murder of his wife by the Charles Manson group, and his statutory rape conviction and fleeing the U.S. to avoid prison.

Damian Chapa talked about the film and the director's story:

“It's a very intense story we're going to carefully base on court documents and public-domain records...

...I've looked at the court documents of his (statutory rape) case, and they're so brash and in-your-face. What happened there has overshadowed his whole life yet also been swept under the carpet. I've always been fascinated by his story and couldn't understand why no one has done a movie about him.”

Well now it looks like they will, and what a great idea. I'm surprised that there aren't more films about great directors, considering that they are in the medium of film all the time and that the audiences are seeing their products, why don't we see more biographical films?

Well perhaps one reason is that their lives aren't as filled with media grabbing moments as Roman Polanski, and all the while he manages to bring to life some superb and individualistic cinema.

Are you interested in the directors of your films at all? Who would you like to see in film?



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