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Run-DMC's Rev Run biographical film?

Run-DMC.jpgRussell Simmons is looking to make a film about Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons of Run-DMC fame. Run has already seen a successful television show on MTV called Run's House.

Right now Simmons is looking for a healthy dose of funding and for a studio to back the project.

Russell Simmons is actually the older brother of Rev Run, or Joseph Simmons, and signed the band to his newly created management company as they were signed to a studio for the first time.

Undoubtedly any of the Run-DMC group would make for an interesting film, and so when Russell Simmons says through The Hollywood Reporter and Latino Review that...

"It's gonna make a lot of money..."

...you can't disagree. Yet I can't help but think that either a full Run-DMC film, or a film about the murdered Jam Master Jay would make much more money and appeal to a much wider audience.

Surely making a film about Run first is going to take a little away from either of these two biographical films, films which I would think would be much more appealing.



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