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Scott to direct Stonehenge mystery

RidleyScott.jpgRidley Scott is to direct a film called Stones. No, not about the Rolling Stones or a man plighted by a painful passing, no this is something different.

Stones is a supernatural thriller about stone structures such as Stonehenge and other mysterious stone built artefacts from around the world.

Now this sounds interesting, and I'm actually annoyed that we can't find out more and that this is at least three films away - bear in mind that the writer's strike will definitely affect this project as it isn't yet written.

According to Variety Ridley Scott is set to direct from the script by Matt Cirulnick and the film is set to be a "big-scale" supernatural thriller that will look into the mysterious events around the destruction of ancient religious sites around the world.

The story of Stones will reveal that Stonehenge is at the centre of the events, and that it binds together the sites all over the world that share a strange and ancient power.

Wow, tell me that doesn't hook you in, because it has me. These sites are very mysterious, fascinating and humbling when you see them, and putting them in the middle of a film that will focus on a mystery that connects them all with ancient powers is very intriguing.

Perhaps we're going to see something a little toned down and less pacey from Ridley Scott here, it can't be style and manic pacing through this film, surely.



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