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Simpson's Major Movie Star trailer online

JessicaSimpson.jpgThe "trailer" is out for the "film" Major Movie Star starring Jessica Simpson, and once you watch it there's no denying that it's a very close call for Private Benjamin starring Goldie Hawn.

Of course that is without the humour. Frankly it looks like it's just ticking the boxes and mixing Legally Blonde with Private Benjamin and throwing in Jessica Simpson.

I honestly can't begin to describe how bad the trailer for Major Movie Star is, it just doesn't look like anything works from the comedy to the voiceover, and let's not even begin to speak about how it makes the American Army look.

Is there anything that would attract you to this film? I know there's something that the guys would say would, but the problem for you is that I don't think you're even going to see any of that Daisy Duke attraction in this film.

You can see the trailer over at the official Millenium Movies site [QT:M] through Cinema Blend.

What's that line from the trailer? I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.



Wow ....why do I have this urge to punch Jessica Simpson in the face? This trailer induces voilent tendencies. ;)

Wow ....why do I have this urge to punch Jessica Simpson in the face? This trailer induces voilent tendencies. ;)

straight to video.

good to see Meli feels so strongly against the movie that she posted twice, ;)

LoL - dang it! I didn't mean to post twice! However - I do feel strongly about what I said...hehe


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