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Spock captured on Star Trek set

StarTrek_Poster.jpgThere's a big interflab furore over photos taken of Zachary Quinto made up to look like the young Spock, but frankly I don't see the excitement.

Perhaps there's something there for the heavy Star Trek fans who are mad on every single aspect of the series and films, but don't we know what he was going to look like already?

I mean at the very most this should be nothing more than a "oh yes, he does look like he should do, that's okay then", and maybe that's enough, maybe that's what J.J. Abrams wants and needs right now, the confirmation of the fans that this project is going to plan and that there are going to be connections to their much loved franchise. After all the recent script reveal is doing just that, so why not build on it after all the negative words about the casting, etc.

For non Star Trek fans though, those that casually watch it, or those that don't at all, there's really nothing exciting in the shots apart from that recognition.

You can see the captured photos over at JFX Online through IESB.

Here's another thing though, going back to the discussion on maybe this is a good thing for Abrams Star Trek production, maybe they wanted these photos out. Think about how careful they were with the previous set photos that were released - I didn't carry them as they were so bland and unrevealing - showing the actors walking from building to building completely covered in head to foot hooded raincoats, you couldn't see a thing.

Now we see Zachary Quinto wandering about in a cape and full makeup and outfit. Tell me that they didn't want that to be captured and put on the Interflab, especially knowing that people were peering in and snapping anything that moved.



looks cool as hell to me, and i'm surprised that it actually works!

but i have to say, it would be easier to judge these photos if they didn't have the pathetic watermark on them. i'm sure the site in question wants recognition and traffic, but you don't get it from blotting your website's name all over images they want to see clearly. you get said traffic through consistency, like you do here.

most of the photos, imo, are a total loss due to the watermark. but the one or two photos that you can actually see the face in full color, it does indeed look swell!!!

Yeah mogulus, but being consistent, honest and scrupulous don't build a reader base half as quickly as doing all the tricks of the trade as the other sites do.

Do you think these shots alone are enough to start winning over the fanbase?


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