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Stalked: Cloverfield photos, Seed trailer, Amateur clips

There's a bunch of not that interesting stuff online that I thought I might just bundle together, Cloverfield photos that show nothing, a far too dark trailer for Seed that has loads of blood, and a bunch of not that funny clips for The Amateurs that seem very out of context.

First, let's look at the Cloverfield photos which have just arrived online, they feature a few shots of people looking in pain and distressed, and that's it. Perhaps the most interesting is the woman being helped by two guys in contamination suits as she bleeds from her eyes and nose – is there something about the monster that can contaminate people with some sort of disease?

You can see the photos over at BlackBook through Coming Soon. Nothing really to see apart from that first one.

Then there's the clips for The Amateurs also known as The Moguls, the comedy that sees a town decide to make an amateur adult film to make money and get famous. I have to say that none of the clips look that funny, and perhaps it's because they are taken out of context of the film. Certainly there's a few that seem to cut off before the expected delivery.

My favourite of those over at Collider [Flash] is the last, with Ted Danson revealing, in character, that he's gay and one of the responses coming back “to hell with being gay, you're helluva forgetful”, now that made me laugh out loud. What's with the U dropping into The Amatuers title in the trailer - is that to say "look, it's adult friendly"? Just from these clips Joe Pantoliano looks like he could be stealing the show.

Finally there's a short bloody trailer online for Uwe Boll's Seed (I always cringe when I write that) and it's dark, fast cut, and just full of moments that try to shock. See for yourself over at Bloody Disgusting [Flash].



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