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Stalked: Cusack and Gong, Cold Prey and Tom Swift

GongLi.jpgJohn Cusack and Gong Li are in negotiations to star in Shanghai before Pearl Harbour.

Cold Prey, or Fritt vilt, is getting a North American distribution.

The huge novel series Tom Swift, going since 1910, is going to be coming to screens in CGI or motion capture form.

Leomax Entertainment has bought the North American distribution rights for the Norwegian horror film called Fritt vilt (Cold Prey) according to Variety. The film follows a group of friends on a snowboarding trip who take refuge in an abandoned ski lodge during a storm. They discover that the lodge was closed in the seventies after the disappearance of the managers' son, and that someone is still living in the lodge...

The gorgeous Gong Li is in negotiations alongside John Cusack to appear in Shanghai, a period drama set in China and directed by Mikael Håfström who also directed 1408. The film comes from a script by Hossein Amini which, according to Variety, is about an American who returns to Japanese occupied Shanghai to find that his friend has been killed, so he begins about investigating his mysterious death which unveils a rather large conspiracy. The period of the setting is just months before Pearl Harbour.

Hollywood is eyeing a new franchise as Worldwide Biggies, a new digital studio, has bought the rights to the long running Tom Swift series of books according to Variety. The company are planning to turn it into a film and videogame with episodes created for the internet and television.

The series has sold more than twenty million copies worldwide and dates back to the earliest stories in 1910. The story is of Tom, a teenage genius whose family are all great inventors. He invents, investigates, and solves mysteries, like any other genius. The studio are discussing motion capture and/or CGI for the series.



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