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Stalked: Depardieu in gangster film and Splice photos

GerardDepardieu.jpgGerard Depardieu has signed to play a cop in a French gangster film written by a gangster and there are some bizarre looking photos from the production of Splice online.

Reuters through Yahoo News carries the story that Gerard Depardieu has joined the cast of Kalach. The French film is about a gangland boss released from prison that needs to start raising cash. Gerard Depardieu plays a policeman, Gerard Lanvin is the gangster, Francois Berleand is a gay nightclub owner and Mathilde Seigner is the gangster's love interest.

The really interesting part is that the film that the Director Yves Renier is working on the script with Franck Henry, a former real life gangster who spent over ten years in prison. He will be trying to bring more reality to the script.

Dread Central through Jo Blo has picked up some production photos of the create in the upcoming science film Splice from Vincenzo Natali.

The story sees two genetic scientists illegally experimenting with human DNA by splicing it with animal. They end up with a creature that matures quickly and is extremely alluring. One of the scientists is attracted to it and while the other wants to destroy it, particularly when it starts showing some dangerous and frightening characteristics.

The production photos show the creature in various stages of growth, and not only do they look very creepy, but they also look superb. I'm really keen to see how this comes out now.



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