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Stalked: Game and Onimusha plot details

GerardButler.jpgThe plots for Christophe Gans' Onimusha and the Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine's Game starring Gerard Butler have appeared online.

We knew a little about both already, but these are expanded below.

/Film through Jo Blo have one of the stars of Game, Alison Lohman, talking about her role.

"It's like Sin City, it's set in the future. It's a sci-fi thriller about convicts who become the players in a video game, and the players are the ones who control them. And if they win 30 games, they are exonerated, and get out free. The prison system is overloaded so they have to find a way to fund it. This is set in the future and the healthcare system is collapsing, so they have to find another way."

While Gerard Butler plays a superb gamer on his twenty-eigth game, Lohman plays...

"I play this revolutionary chick. She's a vigilante, part of this underground group that is trying desperately to save the world from debaucherous. She's an idealist. I help [Gerry], but he doesn't know what is going on and I inform him that he's in prison in the video game."

It does sound like quite an interesting concept, and the plot does seem to borrow from a few others, but with the creators of Crank (Filmstalker review) at the helm you have to think that this could be pretty intense and exciting.

Meanwhile, Coming Soon have the more detailed plot outline for Onimusha, the adaptation of the videogame.

"In feudal Japan, 1582, the warlord Nobunaga is ambushed by ninjas, led by the brave samurai Samanosuke. Trapped, Nobunaga commits seppuku, but two sinister sorcerers reanimate Nobunaga's corpse with a half-human insect larvae. The resurrected Nobunaga orders the capture of two very special women to fulfill his evil plans.

When Britta, the daughter of a Dutch merchant, is abducted on board a ship by seemingly invincible warriors, her tutor and confidant Jacob pursues her captors, vowing to rescue her at all costs. Meanwhile, the beautiful Princess Yuki is also kidnapped, this time by ninjas that reveal themselves, incredibly, to be part spider. In search of Yuki, Samanosuke joins forces with Jacob to vanquish their common foe. In the Cave of Elders, he receives a magical sword that will slay all within its reach-friend or foe-and learns of a sinister ceremony at Inabayama Castle intended to blot out the sun.

Performing a dangerous, stealthy invasion of the castle, Samanosuke and Jacob find the women they love dressed as Moon Princess and Daughter of the Sun, ready to be wed to and ravished by Nobunaga. Aided by their allies, the two warriors attack the insectoid hordes, but Samanosuke falls in battle, seemingly dead. In a mystical encounter, he is given the option to survive and fight-but it comes at a terrible cost..."

Ooooh...that sounds...well, like a videogame adapted for the big screen!




The movie version of Onimusha should have more story with Genma demons and the monsters based on the first game to be put into the film and Christophe Gans has made a stuff up script and it needs to be more focus to the game and the screenwriters should have been Asians to adapt the plot.
So why spiders,Dutch all that stuff should be scrap
Come on Mr Gans if you what to do the film do it right.
Thank You.

I am very much not liking this at all.

Onimusha Warlords (which took place in 1561) has a far better story and plot than this. Now I know that video games, comic books and books are not going to be "just" like the game, comic or book... but... this is not looking or sounded like Oni at all.

Sounds like a load of crap to me. This sounds fake.


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