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Stalked: Garner, Gervais, Cross, Graham, Hershey, Curry, Clock Tower

JenniferGarner.jpgJennifer Garner looks set to join Ricky Gervais in This Side of Truth which he will co-direct, Joseph Cross, Heather Graham, Barbara Hershey and Tim Curry are starring in a Messiah mix-up story, and Eric Valette now looks to be directing Clock Tower.

Jennifer Garner is in negotiations to star in This Side of the Truth, the comedy starring Ricky Gervais which is set in a world where lying doesn't exist, until someone figures out how to and uses his ability to win over a beautiful woman and be a success at work. Variety reports that Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson wrote the script and are both going to direct.

Joseph Cross, Heather Graham, Barbara Hershey and Tim Curry are to join the film Son of Mourning directed by Yaniv Raz from his own screenplay. Variety tells us that the story is about an international climate crisis where a man returns home to get over his divorce, and for some reason when he gets there is mistaken for the Messiah. He is split as to whether to use this position for his own good or to save the world.

Jorge Olguín was previously said to be directing the videogame adaptation of Clock Tower, but now that appears to have changed with news from HorrorMovies that Eric Valette is now directing. The blurb reads that in the past on the site of the Hamilton Inn, a town once took vengeance on a brutal killer, displaying his body from the hands of the Inn's clock tower for all to see. However the killer called the Scissor Man is about to make a return somehow helped by a beautiful college student with a connection to the hotel.



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