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Stalked: Goyer, Hartnett, Apes prequel

DavidGoyer.jpgThere's rumour that a Planet of the Apes prequel is in the works, Josh Hartnett is to play a nuclear war obsessed American Football player, and David Goyer is in talks to direct his next script, a supernatural thriller.

David Goyer is in negotiations to direct a script he wrote for a supernatural thriller about an eighteen year old who realises that she is being possessed and begins to fight back. The story comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Josh Harthett is set to star in End Zone according to Variety. The film is directed by George Radcliff and adapted from the novel by Don DeLillo (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). The story looks at an American Football player who is obsessed with nuclear war and looks on his team tactics sessions as military planning. It's supposed to be very good and very funny.

Although there's nothing confirmed and it's just an emailed source, Bloody Disgusting have a rumour that there's going to be a Planet of the Apes prequel film. It will be a prequel to the Tim Burton remake of Planet of the Apes. Oh lord. Luckily it's just going to start the search for a writer, so this could take a long time and still be turned around.



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