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Stalked: Miller in G.I. Joe, Singleton's Executive Order: Six

SiennaMiller.jpgSienna Miller has signed to play the female lead for G.I. Joe, according to Variety, a sexy femme fatale skilled in espionage, which sounds like Miller could play well. Now that sounds like it could be Lady Jaye. Well, that's not really excited me that much, we're still waiting on word on who will be playing the male leads.

Meanwhile Variety tells us that John Singleton is to direct Executive Order: Six. A film written by Philip Eisner that tells of the residents of a small town that is cut off by the snowfall who band together to fight an alien creature that has been unleashed after a plane crash. Philip Eisner has written Event Horizon and The Mutant Chronicles, so this does sound interesting. I'll ignore his Firestarter 2: Rekindled!



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