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Stalked: Rambo site, In Bruges QT trailer, and Schreiber in Repossession Mambo

Rambo.jpgThe website for Rambo has appeared online, and it's looking pretty good. There's loads of interaction and plenty to do on the site.

In Bruges has a downloadable Quicktime or MP4 trailer on its site, and Liv Schreiber has joined Repossession Mambo.

You can see the Rambo site here through Coming Soon. It features plenty of things to do which are yet to be put live, but there are some videos, a few pictures, and a couple of poster type downloads to be had at the moment.

The In Bruges trailer is now on the official site, looking like a cheap, bloodstained postcard, you can see it in Flash online or download it in MP4 or Quicktime, high or low quality, here are the links in high quality for Quicktime and MP4. Found through Jo Blo. It looks like a good film, as the two play hitmen sent to Bruges after a hit, only to find their boss after them.

Liv Schreiber has joined Jude Law and Forest Whitaker in Repossession Mambo. He will play Law's boss who runs a credit union dealing in artificial organs. The story has Law playing a repossession agent who has a transplant himself and then can't keep up the repayments to his own company, so he goes on the run with his ex-wife who is in a similar situation, and he's hunted down by his ex-partner played by Whitaker. The story comes from Variety.



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