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Stalked: Ruffalo joins DiCaprio and more Speechless shorts

Mark Ruffalo is teaming up with Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island, and there are three more Speechless videos online with top actors coming out in support of the writers.

Mark Ruffalo has joined the Martin Scorsese film Shutter Island based on the Dennis Lehane novel and already set to star Leonardo DiCaprio. The film is set in 1954 with Ruffalo and DiCaprio playing U.S. Marshalls on the trail of a criminally insane murderess who is hiding in a place called Shutter Island. The story comes from Hollywood Reporter through Cinema Blend. Now that sounds like a great grouping of talent, I'm keen to see who would play the female murderer...I say Famke Janssen, she just popped into my head!

The thirteenth and fourteenth clips in the writer's speechless short film series are online, and while the Susan Sarandon and Chazz Palminteri video isn't that great and is just the same as a previous one, the Ed Asner short has a wry smile for you and does something a little different. There's also a rather cool montage of all the stars...I think that's the coolest one to date.



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