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Stalked: Watts on Angels & Demons, Rambo TV teaser

NaomiWatts.jpgAlso there's a TV teaser online for Rambo, and although it uses much of the material we've already seen and has really drawn me in, I have to say that the music choice just destroys the feeling from the original trailer. Now it feels more like irresponsible death and violence for no reason rather than a story that builds on the idea of the reality of war and just how tough it is. You can see the spot over at Coming Soon [Flash].

Naomi Watts has joined Tom Hanks on Angels & Demons, although now the project has been delayed it may be a while before we see this happen, if at all. The story comes from New York Post through New York Post link" target="_blank">Jo Blo. I really find it hard to get interested in this film, will it just be another faithful page turning adaptation?



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