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Stephen Chow's alien CJ7 trailer online

CJ7.jpgStephen Chow's latest film is an interesting one, and I wonder if it can follow in the steps of the excellent Kung Fu Hustle (Filmstalker review). CJ7 is the story of a Chinese labourer whose song finds a new toy, or rather it finds him.

As you can see from the trailer the toy is actually an alien, and Chow's unknown close encounter seems to trigger its arrival. Much more than that isn't really known. However now there's a trailer for CJ7, and for a short time it's available online.

The trailer comes through Twitch who say that it isn't expected to be online for long, they actually say it's only available for a few hours, so catch it quickly.

The effects look rather good, but there's little idea on what the story will be, other than there will be some humour to be had. I'm really looking forward to this, and I can't wait for an HD trailer that tells us a little more...however I have a strange feeling we won't hear much more about the story than this until it's reviewed. Let's hope it lives up to Stephen Chow's previous Kung Fu Hustle.



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