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Strike kills Heroes: Origins

Heroes.jpgJohn August was set to write and direct one of the Heroes: Origins episodes, the spin off from the superb series that is currently in its second year.

According to the man himself, he had just finished his revised outline when the call came through from Tim Kring, and the word is that it's all down to the strike.

I'm not sure if this is really the first casualty, definitely the first high profile one anyway, but it shows that the threat of the strike of the writers in Hollywood really does have the studios concerned.

Of course it could just be being pinned on the strike because it suits the studio, but I don't think that's the case here. John August says on his blog:

“The possiblity of a WGA strike1 made NBC hesitant to prep a series they might never be able to shoot...I get it: It was a lot of money to spend in a very uncertain time. And if the labor situation resolves in an orderly fashion, the series could find itself out of the deep freeze for next season.”

Now that's worrying, the main series of Heroes could find itself on hold, what would that do to viewing figures, and what would that do to the studio's feelings on the series? Would they continue it into a third run if the second half has low viewing figures?

August is kind enough to give us a little taste of what his episode might have meant for us if it had ever reached the big screen.

“In case we never get to shoot it, my episode is/was called “Rehab.” Not everyone is good with their powers. Not everyone is good, period.”

Let's hope whatever happens, that Heroes comes back strong and we do get the Heroes: Origins series at some point.

Now we can see the affect that this is having on established television series, what is it going to do to film projects in early development, are projects being dropped and binned as we speak?



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