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Sweeney Todd videos online

SweenyTodd.jpgThere are loads of videos for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street online today, unfortunately I can't view them at the moment so it's up to you to have a look and report back.

I want to know if we're seeing more singing, more of the musical side of the film, because so far that's been kept from the audience.

Well, there has been the behind the scenes spot with Johnny Depp singing his lungs out, but that's all we've seen in the trailers.

Are these new clips any different? Remember that these clips won't be the ones seen in the cinema by the general audience, so is the advertising campaign going to be a little misleading?

You can see nine clips of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street over at IESB and a YouTube video of a lengthy commercial over at CHUD - if someone could post the embed code for the video I can put that in the post too.

You can see the other trailers for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street on Filmstalker here, here and here.

Thanks to Michelle, here's the YouTube video:



The youtube video was ok but nothing we hadn't seen before. Just small interviews from the cast and about the film in general.

Onto the nine clips, they were really good! Involved lots of singing so it's pretty obvious it's a musical with singing from Sweeny, Mrs Lovett, Sasha Baron Cohens character and a boy. I hadn't seen hardly any of the clips in the trailer except for one of the songs that Todd sings. I've described what the clips are about if anyone just wants to see the singing ones.

Clip 1 - Sweeny learns of his wife's and daughters fate.
Clip 2 - Sweeny singing - hadn't heard this bit before, really good.
Clip 3 - Judge Turpin threatening a boy.
Clip 4 - Sasha Boren Cohen the rival barber singing during a competition between him and todd.
Clip 5 - Mrs Lovett discovering what todd is up to
Clip 6 - Another one of Sweeny singing - the one we've seen in the trailer.
Clip 7 - Mrs Lovett and Todd singing about pies.
Clip 8 - A boy singing to Mrs Lovett about protecting her. Very sweet!
Clip 9 - An official talking to Toddy and Mrs Lovett wanting to take a look at the Bakery.


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