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Teeth trailer online

Teeth.jpgThe trailer for Teeth is online and it's rather more scary than I first thought. It isn't as comic as I have been expecting and looks much darker, and in my eyes that's a good thing.

This trailer really does build up the tension and anticipation well, particularly with the Doctor. I just wish there weren't so many black screens during it.

You can see the trailer over at IESB [Flash]. I love that line “Don't worry, I'm not going to bite you”...then there's the screaming.

Teeth explores the story of a woman who discovers that she actually has a set of teeth inside her vagina, and they are particularly active when she starts to become the victim of male violence.

Is the film really as dark and unsettling as the trailer suggests?



I had the chance to see a preview of this last week. I couldn't make the date so had to give it a miss. Oh well...


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