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The Brazilian Job gets script review

CharlizeTheron.jpgThe script for The Brazilian job has been read and an overview for the plot set-up written up online, and it's not sounding good.

From the read through the reviewer seems to think this is just a standard popcorn film, nothing special about it. Well, that's something I think The Italian Job “remake” was, just a popcorn film, the cast and style made it something different.

I did enjoy The Italian Job, it was a fun film, but there were issues with it, and if you think back would it really have been the film it was without those cast names? Perhaps this is why The Brazilian Job doesn't look that good on paper?

The opening set-up of the film is that Charlize Theron's character is set-up and blackmailed by having her open a bank's safe illegally and on film. This is used to lever her, and her ex-colleagues, into stealing the entire contents of the DeSilvia Diamond Company's vault – the company are the major suppliers of diamonds to all the largest diamond dealers in the world.

The whole crew seem to be back, Mark Wahlberg, Seth Green, Jason Statham and Mos Def are definitely mentioned along with Theron.

So there we go, and the fun begins. There seems to be no “mini” gimmick in this one, but there are multiple plot threads of double and triple crossings going on that seem to converge on the end, and the script races ahead at an incredible pace.

After I read the review over at IESB, I have to say I did think of the first film, and to me it sounds just like the first. A popcorn film that's there to be enjoyed.



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