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The Eye new trailer online

TheEye.jpgThere's a new trailer for The Eye online and it looks rather good actually, except for one thing.

The Eye is the Asian horror film originally from the Pang Brothers that tells the story of a blind woman who is given new eyes by a donor. Except she's starting to see things that maybe she shouldn't, like people who aren't really there.

The original is very good and has some great moments and visuals, but there are flaws as well, and the ending always seemed rather messy to me. Now this Hollywood remake has a chance to do something positive with the idea, and it looks like it could do from this trailer.

All the elements of the original story are there for you to see, and some look even better - the floating feet moment is rather good - but then there's the child's voiceover, and immediately the warning hackles went up.

Are we getting a child's voice to explain the story to the lead character, and the audience, as we go through? It certainly seems that way from the trailer, and that's really not a good thing. It means they are dumbing the film down for the audience, and not letting them gain the story as it unfolds with some subtlety.

That voice over does bother me, something that wasn't in the original and made it rely on scripting of the real characters and some great visual sequences. Is this new version going to lose that?

You can see it over at IGN through Movie-List Forums in high quality streams for Quicktime and Windows Media Player.

Jessica Alba looks good in it, far better than Renée Zellweger would have, she was originally cast in the film, and despite the reshoots this film went through it could be very good.

It comes from the Writer/Directors of Ils (Them) (Filmstalker review), David Moreau and Xavier Palud, and that's a cracking horror film.



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