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The Forbidden Kingdom first teaser online

TheForbiddenKingdom.jpgThe first footage from The Forbidden Kingdom, the Jackie Chan and Jet Li starrer, is now online and it looks pretty damn good.

Straight up I'm going to say one thing about the film, and that's the fight sequences. The camera pulls back, there aren't fast cuts and we see the action with the actors right in the thick of it. Please don't destroy that in the editing.

The Forbidden Kingdom tells the story about a kung-fu obsessed American teenager played by Michael Angarano who heads off to China and is drawn into a great adventure. Teaming up with an unlikely group of martial arts warriors they head off to free the imprisoned Monkey King.

Have a look at this footage, it does look wonderful. Apart from the ending line.

The trailer comes through /Film and Coming Soon.

I guess my only problem with this film is the fact that there's an American actor trying to keep up with these two martial arts legends. Now hopefully they don't produce something like Bulletproof Monk. Hopefully they've pushed Michael Angarano on to a level of fighting skill that makes him able to stand next to these two greats and at least look the part without all the Hollywood cutting and close cropped framing to hide stunt doubles and create an illusion of action where there is none.

If they've kept that camera pulled out then there's a lot of hope for this film, but that closing line and the American teen martial arts plot line both have me worried. Let's hope that Jackie Chan and Jet Li are allowed to do their own stunts and aren't restrained by Hollywood rules.



This is what I was worried about with Chan and Li together. Is Chan's acting just going to make it a big joke, or can he hold up his side in a dramatic role? Second most worrying thing for me was definitely the American. Hopefully, we'll both be wrong, and this will turn out well.

Yeah I see what you're saying Hap. I really do hope it does turn out to be strong though, and there are sequences in the trailer that look really strong.

I went to America on holiday recently and this film came out, i went to the cinema just because i'd seen a small trailer for it over there, wasn't sure what to expect, it was amazing. I would totally recommend this film to all ages, one of the best films i've seen in a long time. Can't wait for it to come out over in the UK, so i can watch it again and again lol.


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