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The Joker gives the finger

TheJoker.jpgThere's a new picture of The Joker online, and while it doesn't really do anything to float or sink my boat, it does continue the look of the new Joker.

What comes with the picture are a few sound bites though, and conjecture is that this shows a darker more scheming Joker.

Empire have the story that the new Joker site has a little game for fans to play, and once you've played the game you have the reveal of a picture and some clips from Heath Ledger's lines.

One of the lines says “And tonight, you’re going to break your one rule” which Empire thinks relates to getting Batman to try and kill someone. Well it would be an interesting quandary to see, particularly as Batman is supposed to be in that grey area between villain and hero.

However it's just conjecture, and really what does it matter? The Joker is looking good and we have the same team from the superbly recreated Batman, so how could this not be good?



Creepy photo. I think it will be good, I have no doubts about that.


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