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The Last Man trailer online

TheLastMan.jpgThe Last Man is a smaller film created from the Mary Shelley novel and tells the story of the last human, trying to find a way to survive in a world of “the diseased” who are evolving into something new.

Although you can tell that there is a lower budget on the film and that some of the CGI isn't quite in the real of blockbuster, the film does look like it carries a strong message and is well filmed.

Could this be a contender to I Am Legend? Well obviously I Am Legend will carry a huge amount of effects and big budget scenes, but on a story level this really seems like it's exploring the more complex plot turns of the original Mary Shelley novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

You can see the trailer right here, and if you can pull yourself away from the fact that there's not a big budget behind it, then you might just appreciate this smaller film.

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I'm used to low budget movies, but based on the trailer this looks more like a fan film than anything. The production values are way too low and the whole thing just looks and sounds quite terrible. I don't see it being a contender to anything, let alone a blockbuster like I am legend.

Well T-jax you see you're thinking on cost there - big effects, big cinematography, big...etc.

I'm thinking about the story and the fact that this one hints at giving us the full Shelley story, something that is a lot stronger than running around killing mindless zombies.


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