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The Mist new trailer raises suspense

TheMist.jpgThere's a new Internet only trailer online for Frank Darabont's adaptation of Stephen King's short story The Mist, and this one manages to raise the suspense and tension within the group caught inside the shopping mall.

This adds to the feeling of The Mist being another great King adaptation from Darabont, and looks like he's managing to balance the fantastical horror element with the human angle really well.

What I also like about this is that it's not playing down the religious aspect of the film, much like the rest of Hollywood does when religion isn't portrayed as the leading light and the saviour of all. In The Mist it causes the group trapped in the shopping mall to turn on themselves, segregating them into factions and fighting amongst each other. Sound familiar? Well that's called history.

You can see the trailer below in YouTube format, or you can head over to IGN [Flash:QT:WMV] who have "Trailer 3" in a respectable size and downloadable, found through Cinema Blend.

I'm really looking forward to seeing this film. Frank Darabont has proven his hand with Stephen King stories many times before and he always brings something new and interesting to the stories, so why should this be any different? Just because it's more staple King horror? Well that aspect has brought down many a film before.



This will depend 100% on the scrrenplay and the acting.

SK adaptations are VERY hit or miss. This could go either way, though I lean towards miss judging by the trailer.

The religious aspect is used in Hollywood all the time. It will be used again here to show that people who believe in God are extremists, bordering on crazy. Guaranteed. It won't be used to be an interesting dynamic. It will be thrashed upon as it always is to further their agenda.



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