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The Mist Russian trailer online

TheMist.jpgA new trailer has appeared online for The Mist from the Writer/Director Frank Darabont based o the Stephen King short story.

I got quite a surprise when I started watching it and the voices were in Russian, still it's a different and quite powerful cut, and it does have a few glimpses of new footage.

While it's not anything particularly new, it does provide a different more urgent take on the film. I quite like the cut of it.

You can see the trailer right here from the best King adaptor there's been, Frank Darabont. The story tells of a strange mist that appears in a small town, a mist filled with strange creatures, and caught in a shopping mall in the middle of the mist are a group of survivors who are beginning to turn on each other.

Get More The Mist (2007) Trailers at TerrorFeed.com

The clip comes through HorrorMovies.

You can see the previous HD English language trailer right here on Filmstalker.



I couldn't get that one to play but the other trailer does look good. I like Stephen King novels but usually the film adaptations disappoint.

The Shawshank Remdemption and Stand By Me are exceptions so I'm not sure if it's to do with the fact that they are short stories, maybe a co-incidence. The best translations from novels I've seen have been into TV series, Salem's Lot and The Stand.

Obviously The Shining is an exception. The Mist looks good though, not just about creatures but about the interaction of the people stuck in a confined space.


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