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The Oxford Murders trailer online

TheOxfordMurders.jpgThe first real trailer for Álex de la Iglesia's The Oxford Murders has arrived online, and it looks great, although at the moment I can't understand all the words as it's dubbed in Spanish, but it won't be long before we hear it in English, and the visuals look strong.

This trailer sees John Hurt and Elijah Wood working together to solve a series of murders, the reason behind that is not some convoluted plot but that Hurt plays a professor who has written a book about the science of serial killers and Wood plays one of his most promising students.

The Oxford Murders is from Álex de la Iglesia whose work I first saw with The Baby's Room (Filmstalker review), a superbly effective horror that had some great ideas in it and some superb scenes, and the interview afterwards was a bit surprising too as we saw a funny and very humble man on stage who goaded the audience into asking unusual questions.

The film is adapted from the novel by Guillermo Martinez and is due for release in Spain on January the 18th followed by France on March the 5th, and as of writing there appear to be no other hard release dates.

The trailer is below and was found over at CinemaVIP through the excellent Twitch. Have a look and see what you think, I'm dying for an English language version.



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