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Thor to be British?

Thor.jpgThor is not going to be seen moving forward until after the Writer's strike in the U.S., but the Director Matthew Vaughn has revealed that the film is going to be shot in Britain and suggests that the cast and crew will be British too.

Apparently Thor filming has been delayed until the end of 2008, and that may have had a little affect on Vaughn's decision to film it in the UK.

According to his comments in The Daily Mail through Empire he says:

"It obviously bought us luck filming at home and I'm relieved that the movie has performed so well in my own country..."

That was in reference to Stardust (Filmstalker review), and when he talked about Thor he said:

"We have the A-list actors, designers, cinematographers and crew in Britain, so there's no need to make Thor among all that madness in Los Angeles."

I'm quite surprised that he doesn't employ British screen writers to ensure that the script can get completed while the strike is on, but that would ultimately be a bad move for any film and any British writer. However it is great news that Matthew Vaughn has decided to film in Britain, it should be a great boost for the film industry here, yet again.

So this will mean Thor and the cast will be British. Hugh Grant or Vinnie Jones?



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