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Valkyrie behind the scenes now in HD

Cruise-Valkyrie-Small.jpgA little while ago a featurette for Valkyrie arrived online, however it was just in Flash format and not great quality.

Now it's arrived in Quicktime and in high definition, so that you can really see how these actors are going to look as their German characters and how some of the sets look.

I am getting interested in this film the more I see and hear of it. I think perhaps the most exciting part is Bryan Singer being behind it, but secondly is the strong cast of British supporting actors including Kenneth Branagh.

There is an excitement to see Tom Cruise playing the lead, and I'm hoping we see something rather different from the acting we so often see from him in his big budget films, but already there's the promise of something more with the character he's playing.

Valkyrie is about the plot by high ranking Nazi officers to assassinate Hitler in the closing stages of the war, and to take over the regime. However it failed and those responsible were shot.

You can see the featurette over at Apple Trailers [QT:M:480p:720p:1080p].




This film is going to rock my world next summer!


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