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Valkyrie trailer now online in HD

Cruise-Valkyrie-Small.jpgThe trailer for Bryan Singer's Valkyrie has arrived online, the story of true events in Hitler's Army and amongst his closest men, of a plot to kill him and change the leadership of the war and the fate of Germany.

It indeed looks very powerful, and superbly shot, although one thing surprises me, and I'm sure Singer was expecting this, everyone talks in their normal accents.

I don't know what I was really expecting there, whether I thought they would carry German accents or not, I think perhaps that's what I was expecting. However there's a mixture of English and American throughout and it plays on my mind until the suspense and tension of the trailer takes over.

However when I find myself drawn into the performances and the story, forgetting that they are all in non-German accents, I then found myself forgetting that it was about the German Army and that this is all set in war time Germany.

I don't know, on one hand I think it's a brave decision by Bryan Singer, and perhaps the only way to go as German accents could give a rather comical feel considering the amount of comedy war films we've seen with bad German accents, but then there's just that feeling that everything else will have to work harder to pull me into the world of war time Germany.

What I would be interested to hear is what Germans who look on Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg and his conspirators as heroes think about this decision in Valkyrie. What do you think? Is that an issue for you, or does it make the film more accessible?

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:QT:480p:720p:1080p] through Latino Review.

Dropping the German accent issue, it looks superbly powerful and I can see this footage just getting better and better. Tom Cruise looks good in it, but the supporting cast are the surprise, they look pretty exceptional too and it's not going to be about Cruise overshadowing them.



Oh, I love it! Everything I have read, seen and heard about this project are oh so good, can't wait for summer to come!

Well, I'm German and have always found the whole "accent" thing in America peculiar.

By definition, in accent means that ones is a foreigner, trying to speak a language not one's own. You try to do it correctly but fail, which results the accent.

Therefore, if you have a movie set in Germany, and the American and British actors were to speak English with German accents... they'd imply they are not Germans but foreigners.

I agree you should tone your way of speaking down a bit, sound GenAm and maybe roll those Rs a little less. But an accent in this case is complete bullshit (Polanski's "The Pianist" handled this issue very well.) - I hear "The Cherry Orchard" is done in the US in a Russian accent. I don't get it.

Other than that, of course them talking in English is weird to me. But then again, I watch Desperate Houseswives with a German dub. Might do that with this film, too.

Would the best thing be if they all learned German and did it subtitled?


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