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Van Sant beats Singer in Milk race

GusVanSant.jpgMilk and The Mayor of Castro Street are both biographical films of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man to be elected to office in San Francisco in 1977. The following year he was murdered by the City Supervisor Dan White who also killed Mayor George Moscone.

Gus Van Sant has been pushing Milk, while the long gestated project The Mayor of Castro Street sees Christopher McQuarrie writing the story for Bryan Singer to direct.

Now it seems that Milk will get made as it heads to filming in January, unaffected by the writer's strike, while The Mayor of Castro Street is hit by the strike as Variety reports that although the script was completed before the strike, it wasn't turned in beforehand.

Variety also suggest that there's going to be an opening on Singer's slate once the strike is over as the Superman sequel probably won't be ready before the Director's Guild of America and the Screen Actor's Guild contracts expire as the writer's just has, and at the moment there's uncertainty as to which way these two groups will fall on the topic of Internet and mobile residuals.

So this would leave a nice gap post writer's strike that the Harvey Milk biographical film could fall into, however would this be too close to the Gus Van Sant version? Or would the fact that the film is being made by Bryan Singer from a Christopher McQuarrie script just elevate it up anyway?



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