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Update: Verhoeven to direct Thomas Crown sequel?

PaulVerhoeven.jpgI've just had word from a reader, I shall call him “T” as per his signature, that on a Dutch radio interview Paul Verhoeven just revealed that he's working on The Topkapi Affair, which is the sequel to the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair.

The film is produced by and stars Pierce Brosnan and is a sequel to the remake that John McTiernan directed of the Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway starrer.

“T” tells us that Paul Verhoeven thinks the project will be put on hold because of the writers guild strike, well I think he's probably more than spot on. That strike resolution isn't going anywhere fast, even with Arnie getting involved.

The Topkapi Affair is based on the Peter Ustinov comedy and crime thriller, Topkapi, which tells of the story a small time crook who gets caught up in a big time robbery of the Istanbul Topkapi museum. Although he's in over his head he rises up to the challenge along the way.

Pierce Brosnan has talked about the film a couple of times, and there's been rumour that Angelina Jolie has signed on to star next to Brosnan, I think we'll have to wait and see on that one.

It's interesting news if Paul Verhoeven is going to direct the film, I'd really like a confirmation on that. Prior to Zwartboek (Black Book) I would say that this wasn't a good choice, but now...well you have to think that he could do a really good job of this thriller.

Update: "T" sent in some more information on the interview, and here's a corker, Verhoeven talking about it on Dutch radio, in Dutch of course. He says head over to about 46m 30s to get the start of his interview and 50m 50s for the precise comments on this film.



That radio interview with Verhoeven has been confirmed in several Dutch papers and sites. Here a couple of links reporting his discussing directing the Crown sequel and the strike.



It's been reported on HSX and other sites that MGM has set a Feb start (as one of the many pre actors potential strike films) date for the film but that was before the writers strike.

Wow, thanks for the information HC - I was just about to start searching some out and you've saved me the trouble.

Oooo. I hope this is true! It would be the best news of the week if not the month!

Now where is that DVD I rented? Got to see that soon!


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