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Von Teese as Mata Hari

DitaVonTeese.jpgDita Von Teese looks set to play Mata Hari in a film written and directed by Martha Fiennes, yes, one of those Fiennes.

Mata Hari was originally named Margaretha Geertruida Zelle and was employed as a spy for the French during the war. She courted high-ranking allied military officers and in 1917 was accused of providing information to the Germans and was executed.

According to Martha Fiennes, Dita Von Teese is perfect for the role. According to Celebrity Mania, who don't have a source for the story:

"Dita has done a little acting before and I think she can handle it. In fact, I approached her myself. She is perfect for the part. I have written the script but it will probably need some developing, so I don't expect filming to start for another eight to 10 months."

Now this story does ring a few bells with me, I can't really remember where I read about it before so it might be an old quote.

Still a story about Mata Hari would be an interesting one and Dita Von Teese does seem to be a strong choice.



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