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Widgets and Hub updates

Hi all, there are a few new extras added to the Filmstalker Hub as well as some new widgets available for your own website so you can have Filmstalker headlines appearing for all to read. Some will even work on MySpace and Facebook.

Do note that on the widget front I can create any size, shape or style. It's very easy and I'm happy to oblige, so if you have some specific requirements drop me an email or a comment and I'll get onto it.

The Filmstalker Hub has been updated slightly with a couple of new boxes at the end of the page to show visitors from several different blog communities/directories. If you know of any more that I should add, please let me know and I'll trial them and update the page. If you're on one of the sites you'll see your face appear!

Now, the widgets. If you know of any other widget services that Filmstalker should be using then let me know and I can add them. Here's the list so far.

Here are three widgets which will display the title of the last few stories and slowly cycle through them, fading the text link in and out. Selecting one will open the story.

120px wide160 wide


↑ Grab this Headline Animator


↑ Grab this Headline Animator

200px wide


↑ Grab this Headline Animator

These two widgets are tall and interactive. Displaying each story title the user can scroll through the list and select stories to appear in a new window. Note that these ones work in Facebook, Google, Pagefalkes, and so on.

Javascript Flash

If you're on a mobile phone I have a couple of options for you, Widsets and FeedM8. Widsets allows you to run widgets on your mobile phone, a really cool service. FeedM8 provides a mobile friendly version of the site. Just select either of the links below.

Add to my Widsets

If you use the Opera browser, as I do, then you can easily add the Opera Widget to keep you informed of headlines, just select the link. Anyone know of a good Firefox one for me to add? The Opera one is great because it automatically loads the Filmstalker headlines and displays them.



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