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Willis and Mostow on Surrogates

BruceWillis.jpgBruce Willis is set to star in the adaptation of the comic book The Surrogates, which tells the story of a world where people live in isolation and interact through a robot of themselves which are much better looking versions of themselves.

Jonathan Mostow, he who made a joke of Terminator in the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines film, and will be written by the pair who wrote that and the new Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.

So far none of that is filling me with hope, apart from the announcement from Variety that Bruce Willis will take the lead as a cop who finally ventures out of his secluded and protective home to investigate a conspiracy he has uncovered.

Sounds an interesting story, but with Jonathan Mostow and the writing team behind the third and fourth Terminators, I wonder if it will lose any subtlety of story it might have had and turn into a series of action pieces with some rather dumb dialogue and silly moments, after all, Terminator 3 was most definitely that.



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