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Winona Ryder in Star Trek?

WinonaRyder.jpgI really am confused about this new Star Trek film from J.J. Abrams, I've been going back and forth between good and bad idea for ages now, and this latest news just pushes me back into the bad idea camp.

Winona Ryder has signed up to play the wife of Sarek, or as you'll know that character better, the mother of Spock, Amanda Grayson.

Now just to recap, Spock is half human and half vulcan, so the mother would undoubtedly be human, so no pointy ears for Ryder.

It seems a strange choice, and I realise that actors act roles so there's nothing to say that she can't pull this off, but there's a part of me wondering if she's going to fit into the film and if we're not all just going to be watching her going “oh there's Winona Ryder”.

The story comes from IESB who also have a full biography of the character of Amanda Grayson, and it contains some complex storyline time travelling and erasing timelines.

It seems that Star Trek is obsessed with time travel, even in the original series, so perhaps there isn't anything so bad about this new Star Trek film utilising the idea again. Still, Winona Ryder?



Ah! I have to send this link to Morbius! ;)

I used to have a big time crush on Winona but I still hate everything I hear about this movie.

Wow, that's quick posting Batman! :P

While a lot of the names cast so far for this movie aren't what the average movie goer might consider "big names" for myself...there are too many big names or should I say well known names. I feel this cast will be too distracting as they "play Star Trek" of course I could be wrong...I hope I am...right now I'm only midly interested.


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