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Woody Allen leaves Barcelona

WoodyAllen.jpgRumour has it that Woody Allen has pulled his latest film out of shooting in Barcelona.

He had been filming Vicky Cristina Barcelona there but apparently he's pulled the film out of Spain over disputes with Spanish funding.

Now I'm not sure how accurate this story is as the film is supposed to be in post production right now so that all the filming is complete, and the story is from WENN through Hollywood.com, however it does reveal issues over funding.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona was receiving money from Catalan taxpayers with the sum being recouped from profits, however the public was rather unhappy with that option and the film has now moved away from the country.

According to the article the president of the Catalan production company behind the film said that...

"...the film would be "neither in Catalonia nor in Spain" due to the "small-minded attitude" of local filmmakers and press who complained the €1 million ($1.4 million) the director received would never be given to Spanish productions."

Again, I'm not totally confident that the film has actually pulled out of Spain or whether it's in post production and filming has finished anyway, but the the debate about the public funding and returns seems pretty real.

I can see the point of the money going to local productions, but then there's not a big problem if it doesn't, surely? Isn't it better to have foreign films in the country rather than leaving?

Vicky Cristina Barcelona stars Scarlett Johansson, Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Patricia Clarkson in the story of a painter who finds that all the female relationships in his life are in conflict with each other.



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